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Build a Culture of Human Connection
for the Benefit of your People,
Company & Community.

Pete Bombaci

Speaker, Keynote, Facilitator and Founder

Pete Bombaci is known for his visionary approach to business and social change, advocating for doing the right thing to achieve exceptional outcomes. His leadership is driven by a passion to support others and the belief in the benefits of a connected workforce for both employees and businesses. In 2016, he founded GenWell, a global initiative aimed at fostering human connections to enhance health, happiness, and societal well-being, gaining increased relevance in recent times.

Before GenWell, Pete significantly grew Movember Canada, raising $142 million for men’s health, leveraging his extensive background in the beverage and hospitality sectors. His work spans encouraging connectivity in businesses, schools, and communities, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions. An influential speaker and advocate for social health, Pete is committed to nurturing a culture of human connection across various domains, believing in its power to benefit individuals, companies, and communities alike.



Keynotes and MC duties.


2+ hr events.


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Virtual formats.

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Sizzle Reel (2:07)

Media appearances, interviews, podcasts and conversations.

Hear a collection of soundbites of Pete’s media appearances, conversations, interviews and podcasts for a sampling of the impact made by the powerful Human Connection message.


Why Book Pete?

“Pete’s message is powerful and important. He manages to approach the topic in a simple and easy to understand way and helps the audience truly understand the science behind human connection, but also how each of us can support ourselves and those around us.”

– Sue Mercer, President, Step In Marketing

Main Focuses

Human Connection, Health & Well-being, Social Connection, Social Health, Proactive Leadership, Burnout Prevention, Corporate Health & Wellness, Healthy Workplaces, Employee Engagement.

Core Competency: People, Culture, Connection.

Enabling Competencies: Business Acumen, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management




The Power of Human Connection

Building a Culture Of Human Connection for the Success of Your Employees and Business
In this engaging 45-60 minute session, featuring interactive polls and a Q&A segment, Pete will provide your employees with insights on the critical role of human connection. He will demonstrate how it benefits individual well-being, enhances workplace success, and contributes to the overall prosperity of the business. The importance of fostering a connected workforce has been magnified by the global pandemic and the shift towards hybrid work environments. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of human interaction in both personal and professional spheres, and to implement strategies that ensure regular, meaningful connections. Adopting this approach is imperative, not optional, requiring active participation from everyone. The first step is to understand the ‘why’ behind the need for increased human connection.

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    Featuring Entheo, Kosmic T’s latest conscious rap song “Rise Again” inspired by the GenWell mission.