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Lead the Movement

Be a Genwell Champion

In a world craving more genuine connections, GenWell stands as a beacon of hope, championing the cause of reducing social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness through the power of face-to-face human connection. 

Our Champions Program is an invitation to you – individuals passionate about fostering community and connection – to help lead our Human Connection Movement.


Drive Change

As a GenWell Champion, you're not just a volunteer; you're a leader, an advocate, and a catalyst for change, inspiring others to prioritize social health and connection.

Boost your Health

Engaging in meaningful social activities as a GenWell Champion can significantly boost your own mental and physical health, echoing the adage that in helping others, we help ourselves.

Personal & Professional Growth

Championing this cause not only enriches the lives of others but also offers you immense personal satisfaction and professional development opportunities. From enhancing leadership skills to expanding your network, the benefits are manifold.

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Becoming a Genwell Champion

Your Role



As a Champion, you'll be at the forefront of our initiatives, organizing and hosting events that bring people together, in offices, classrooms, homes and communities. You'll amplify our mission, share success stories, and, most importantly, lead by example, showing the world the profound impact of human connection.

Becoming a GenWell Champion is straightforward and rewarding. With support from our dedicated team, including Community Development Manager Bobbie Breckenridge and Founder Pete Bombaci, you'll receive all the resources you need, from toolkits to digital platforms, to make your efforts impactful and fulfilling.

At GenWell, we believe that those in leadership positions should be acknowledged and rewarded for stepping up and being part of the solution to our disconnected world. Working with our partners, our goal is to provide champions with a series of rewards and access to events and activities as an acknowledgement of your efforts. 

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Fill out our application form and join the ranks of GenWell Champions, inspiring human connection everywhere.



Access our comprehensive toolkit, training videos, and monthly webinars to kickstart your journey.



Organize events, share the message, and track your impact, all while growing the GenWell community.

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The GenWell Project’s Champions Program is more than an ambassador role – it’s a chance to be part of a global movement that values and nurtures human connections. Together, we can create a more connected Canada and a world where everyone thrives.

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