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Working in Canada

Addressing Social Isolation, Disconnection & Loneliness

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and employees across all demographics are facing new and increasing challenges to staying connected both inside and outside of the workplace, resulting in increased mental and physical health issues, absenteeism, attrition, reduced trust, optimism, loyalty and more. 


Desire for More

Relationships between employees have a greater impact on happiness and reduced feelings of loneliness than relationships with family and friends. 50%+ miss connecting with fellow employees at least some of the time. Canadian Social Connection Survey 2022; Randstad 2022

Risk of Isolation

Over 50% of Canadians report feelings of loneliness on a regular basis, nearly 50% of employees claim that their loneliness is impacting their ability to perform to the best of their abilities, and 78% of employees have a moderate or high risk for a mental health issue. Canadian Social Connection Survey 2022; Cigna Corp 2022; TELUS Mental Health Index, 2024

Health Risks

Feelings of disconnection, loneliness and a lack of inclusion can carry health risks akin to obesity, alcohol misuse, and smoking 15 cigarettes a day. They also increase the likelihood of stroke, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and dementia. Unhealthy employees lead to unhealthy business. Canadian Social Connection Survey 2022 – Holt-Lunstad J, Smith TB, Layton JB (2010) Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review.

Benefits of the Program

improved health and happiness for employees

greater collaboration and enhanced creativity

increased productivity and profitability

improved trust, loyalty, engagement, and retention

a greater sense of empathy, compassion and inclusion between employees

a psychologically safer workplace

reduced health care costs


Genwell For Workplace

As a proactive response to the escalating challenges of disconnection and loneliness in workplaces, GenWell launched its comprehensive program in 2021. It recognized the role of collective education and works with organizational leaders to build an ongoing calendar of activities and tools that foster a positive, proactive, and inclusive culture of human connection.

90 - 120 Minute Social Health Workshop

These sessions offer invaluable insights into the significance of social health, equipping participants with actionable steps to identify opportunities and cultivate strong social health within the workplace and beyond.

Digital Social Health Toolkit

A resource-packed toolkit to support the ongoing development of social health, offering actionable tips and strategies for leaders and employees to build healthy connections and connections habits.

Engagement Initiatives

Several opportunities to empower and facilitate human connection for employees. In addition, each of the GenWell campaigns provides businesses with the year-round opportunity to focus attention on building a culture of human connection where employees and businesses thrive.


Be Part of the Solution

Whether you are a large corporation or a small to medium sized business, the growing issues of disconnection and loneliness are likely impacting your people and your business.

We hope that this program, the GenWell Workplace Social Health Workshop, is something that you can leverage because you see the value of taking care of your employees, who will in return drive the results that you desire for the business. Social health cannot be solved alone, and don’t let your employees go further without understanding the importance of social health to their mental and physical well-being and to those around them.

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