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Older Adults in Canada

Addressing Social Isolation, Disconnection & Loneliness

In Canada, nearly 1 in 5 people are aged 65+ (Statistics Canada, 2022). Despite being one of the biggest age demographics in the country, older adults are disproportionately facing challenges of social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness.


Desire for More

Nearly 25% of Canadians aged 65 and older have expressed a desire for more social engagement. Angus Reid, 2019; National Seniors Council, 2014 and 2017

Risk of Isolation

A staggering 19% report feeling a lack of companionship, and 30% are at risk of social isolation.
Angus Reid, 2019; National Seniors Council, 2014 and 2017

Health Risks

Social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness carry health risks akin to obesity, alcohol misuse, and smoking 15 cigarettes a day. They also increase the likelihood of stroke, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and dementia.
US Surgeon General Advisory, 2023

Why This Matters

Growing older should not mean social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness are inevitable. In fact, the current challenges we’re facing are actually opportunities to remember what matters most

    • Social connections are the lifelines that sustain us, particularly as we age. They are not optional luxuries but essential components of our well-being. 
    • Research has shown that increasing your social connections, even in small ways, is linked to a host of physical and mental health benefits and can increase your life expectancy by up to 50%. 
  • Building and maintaining meaningful relationships, engaging in social activities, volunteering, and participating in community life are proven antidotes to isolation. Small steps can lead to significant improvements in health and happiness.

Genwell For Seniors

In response to this critical issue, GenWell has launched a comprehensive program offering a suite of resources tailored to the unique needs of older adults and the organizations that support them, including:

90-Minute Social Health Workshop

These sessions provide valuable insights into the importance of social health and practical steps to enhance social connections.

Digital Social Health Toolkit

A resource-packed toolkit to support the ongoing development of social health, offering actionable tips and strategies to get connected.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Ongoing opportunities for seniors and supporting organizations to actively engage in building a more connected Canada throughout the year, reducing the risks associated with social isolation.


Be Part of the Solution

Whether you’re an older adult seeking to enrich your social life, a caregiver looking to support a loved one, an organization which supports seniors as part of it’s work, or an organization dedicated to seniors, GenWell invites you to join us in this vital mission. 

Together, we can transform the landscape of aging in Canada, turning isolation into connection and loneliness into community.

Let’s unite to ensure that every older adult has the opportunity to thrive in a society that values and actively fosters social connections. 

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Human Connection 101

Building the Foundation for a Happier & Healthier Life


Key Topics

Why Attend

Join us for an insightful session where we delve into the profound importance of human connection for our health and happiness, especially in our increasingly disconnected post-pandemic world. Attendees will learn practical ways to enhance social health, understand the adverse effects of loneliness, and discover the benefits of building more meaningful connections.

  • Our History of Disconnection: Explore the evolution of social disconnection and its impact on modern society.
  • Defining Key Concepts: Gain a clear understanding of social health, human connection, loneliness, social isolation, and disconnection.
  • Negative Impacts on Seniors and Society: Learn about the effects of loneliness on seniors and the broader societal consequences.
  • Benefits of Human Connection: Discover the numerous advantages of fostering strong human connections, including improved mental and physical health.
  • Practical Strategies: Find out where and how to build more meaningful connections in your daily life.
  • Enhanced Social Health: Equip yourself with practical tools to improve your social interactions and overall well-being.
  • Deeper Understanding: Gain insights into the detrimental effects of loneliness and how to combat them.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Leave with concrete strategies to create and maintain fulfilling connections in your community.

Special offer: FREE through October 2024

Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous funder, we are thrilled to offer our signature workshop, free of charge through October 2024. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enrich your community with invaluable insights into the power of human connection. Book your workshop programming now to take advantage of this offer before a fee is associated in 2025. 

Book a Social Health Workshop

Inquire about the GenWell for Seniors Program today and be part of a movement that’s redefining what it means to age well in Canada.


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