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In our Communities

Addressing Social Isolation, Disconnection & Loneliness

In Canada, communities are the backbone of our society, yet many within them are silently facing the challenges of social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness. These challenges do not discriminate, affecting individuals across various age groups and walks of life.


Desire for More

A significant portion of the Canadian population seeks greater social engagement. Studies indicate that many Canadians feel disconnected from their communities and desire more meaningful interactions.

Growing risk of loneliness

Isolation is a growing concern, with a notable percentage of Canadians feeling a lack of companionship. This disconnection poses a risk not only to individual well-being but to the fabric of our communities as a whole.

Health Risks

The consequences of social isolation, disconnection and loneliness mirror those of major health risks such as obesity and smoking. People experiencing chronic or persistent feelings of loneliness face increased risks of mental health issues, heart disease, and other serious conditions, highlighting the urgent need for community-based solutions.


Why This Matters

Community connections are vital. They enrich our lives, support mental and physical health, and strengthen our societal bonds. Engaging with our community and fostering relationships are crucial steps toward combating isolation. 


Genwell For Community

To address these issues, GenWell has developed a social health program specifically designed to educate, empower and catalyze community connections.  This program includes:

Community Connection Workshop

Interactive sessions that explore the importance of community bonds and offer practical advice for fostering these connections.

Digital Community Engagement Toolkit

A comprehensive resource for individuals and organizations, providing platforms and programming to enhance community awareness and intentionality around the importance of social connections and health.

Local Community Events

We focus on funding the facilitation of community events as a key component to activating new knowledge.


Be Part of the Solution

Whether you’re an individual looking to deepen your community ties, a local organization aiming to foster a sense of belonging, or simply someone who believes in the power of connection, GenWell invites you to join our mission.

Together, we can create a more connected, vibrant, and supportive community landscape across Canada. Let’s ensure that no one has to face the challenges of isolation alone.

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