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In our Schools

Addressing Social Isolation, Disconnection & Loneliness

In Canada, our schools are more than just places of learning; they are communities where young minds grow not only intellectually but socially. Yet, many students face the challenges of social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness, impacting their academic performance, happiness and overall well-being.


Desire for More

A significant number of students express a desire for more social engagement within their schools. This longing for connection underscores the need for social health education and empowerment that foster a more inclusive and connected school environment.

Growing risk of loneliness

These are pressing issues within student populations, with the majority of students reporting feelings of loneliness throughout the school year. These feelings can impact mental and physical health, academic achievement and future success.

Health Risks

Similar to adults, chronic or persistent feelings of loneliness can have serious mental and physical health impacts on young people. These include increased risks of anxiety and depression, can impair brain development, have a negative impact on academic performance and create longer-term cumulative health impacts in adulthood.


Why This Matters

Social connections and social health within schools are essential for student development. They enhance learning experiences, support emotional growth, and lay the foundation for lifelong relationships.


Genwell For Classrooms

Recognizing the impact of social health on student well-being and success, GenWell has developed classroom programming aimed at raising consciousness and intentionality around social connections in the classroom. Our workshops include:

Classroom Connection Workshops

Interactive education sessions that highlight the importance of social connections inside and outside of the classroom and provide tips, tools and activations that provide an opportunity for young people to practice this important life skill.

Digital Social Health Toolkit

A follow-up resource providing educators and students with additional information, strategies and opportunities to enhance social connections and build happier and healthier students, classrooms, campuses and society.

School Engagement Initiatives

Ongoing opportunities for staff and students to leverage GenWell’s year-round messaging and campaigns to promote student social connection, social health and community building.


Be Part of the Solution

Whether you’re a student, educator, parent, or school administrator, GenWell invites you to join our effort to combat loneliness and disconnection in our schools.

Together, we can transform our classrooms into spaces where every student feels connected, supported, and valued. Let’s build a future where social health is recognized as a cornerstone of education.

Let’s unite to ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive in an environment that values and actively fosters social connections.

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